Monthly Archives - February 2017

Crackdown on Illegal Fishing

New measures are to be introduced to crackdown on illegal fishing particularly on the River Wear. Discussions have already taken place and it is hoped that offenders will be reported so that appropriate action can be taken by the police to bring prosecutions. The Environment Agency have stated: We need people to report illegal activity. You can contact us directly on our emergency number 0800 80 70 60 . All reports provide us with the valuable intelligence we need to crack [...]


Glorious Grayling

English: Starling and Purple soft-hackle fly. Body of purple silk and hackled with starling feather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Friday 3rd February 2017, and with bright sunshine I set off for the Holywell beat to have a pop at some grayling. The weather was beautiful, and I have to say that I might even have been overdressed, feeling a bit warm when the sun was warming me up from the opposite bank. It was good to see a Ferryhill angler out [...]


News from the Wear Anglers Association (WAA)

The WAA is an organisation comprising game fishing clubs on the River Wear. The aim is to help to protect the river, enhance the stocks of game fish,  support angling clubs and to ensure there will be fish and fishing for future generations.  Currently, Keith Robson and John Strowger represent the club at the monthly meetings in Willington. North East Coastal Nets (See also “Nets versus Rods” on our website for key statistics.) The North East coastal nets are a major concern to [...]