Club Rules

  1. Persons joining the Club agree to be bound by the Company Standing Orders & Rules. Breaches of these may lead to suspension or expulsion from the Club.
  2. Any person who infringes any fisheries law or Club Rule, or aids and abets any other person to do so, shall render themselves liable to suspension or expulsion and the possibility of prosecution. Members who fish by means not allowed by the Club render themselves non-members whilst doing so. Do not allow any other person to use your permit. The loss of your permit must be reported to the Club Secretary immediately and the member must not fish until a replacement has been obtained on payment of the appropriate fee.
  3. The Board may expel from the Club any member for conduct, which in the opinion of the Board, is, or tends to be, injurious to the interests of the Club, its members or its objectives.
  4. Members must hold a current EA licence before starting to fish.
  5. Members must carry their permit (including identity card) and licence at all times when fishing. Failure to produce their permit when requested may result in them being asked to leave the water.
  6. It is the duty of all members to challenge anyone fishing Club waters. This must be done politely and the challenger must produce evidence of their own Club membership.
  7. Junior members may not fish one hour after sunset and one hour before dawn unless they are accompanied by an adult member.
  8. It is expected that members will behave in a gentlemanly manner and show consideration at all times. Insulting behaviour will not be tolerated.
  9. Members must used recognised access to the water and use stiles where provided. Members must leave gates in the way they find them and must keep to the edge of fields where there is no public footpath.
  10. Members must obtain permission to park where it obvious that such permission is necessary. Do not obstruct farm gates, etc.
  11. Members must not:
    a) Take dogs, guns, transistor radios, tape recorders, etc. when fishing.
    b) Damage trees, crops or other property on Club waters or their access.
    c) Interfere with game or other wildlife.
    d) Light fires.
    e) Attempt to take fish by any means other than those allowed by Club and EA rules.
  12. All litter must be taken home – especially plastic bags and fishing line.
  13. 13: The Club recognises three classes of fishing on Club waters:
    a) Fly fishing using rod and fly line with not more than three flies on a cast.
    b) Bait fishing using any type of rod and line with legal terminal tackle and bait.
    c) Spinning which includes any other legal form of fishing permitted by the Club.
  14.  There shall be no spinning on Club waters between November 1st and April 30th inclusive each year.
  15. When using shrimp or prawn or spinning, a maximum of two hooks may be used on any terminal tackle, only one of which may be a treble.
  16. When intentionally fishing for Brown Trout or Grayling anglers must use barbless or de-barbed hooks.
  17. Maggots, keep nets and ground baiting are forbidden on Club waters at any time.
  18. The carrying of a gaff on Club waters is forbidden at all times.
  19. On the River Wear only trout and grayling that are over 12” (30cm) may be killed and taken. All other fish as per EA regulations.
  20. The bag limit on Club waters is two non-migratory fish per day.
  21. Fish caught on Club waters may not be sold.
  22. All kelts, undersize, gravid and out-of-season fish must be returned with as little damage as possible. (A gravid fish is where the fish is shedding or about to shed ova or milt. Slight pressure with a finger will produce ova or milt from a gravid fish. A kelt is a fish that has spawned).
  23. Members must not allow their terminal tackle to come within 10 yards (9 metres) of another anglers’ body. This applies to all methods of fishing regardless of which bank they are fishing from.
  24.  Mandatory: When fishing a pool where others are fishing:
    a) Start at the head of the pool in your turn.
    b) Take at least one pace downstream after every cast.
    c) On leaving the water for any reason restart at the head of the pool in your turn if others are waiting to fish.
    d) Waiting on the river bank adjacent to a pool is NOT fishing and does not prevent other members fishing that particular pool if they wish to do so at any time.
    e) Should an anglers’ cast become entangled they should leave the water (unless they can renew their cast within a short time – i.e. a maximum of 5 minutes) and restart at the head of the pool in your turn.
  25. Lead core lines are not allowed on Club waters.
  26. Members must not take non-members with them when fishing, unless granted special permission from the Board. Members who wish to have a non-fishing carer with them because of ill health, infirmity, disability or age may apply to the Board for a free non-fishing permit for their carer.
  27.  Fishing on the gravel run of Vinovium Pool is by fly only prior to October 1st. (Limits of run to be indicated by markers).
  28. WHEREVER POSSIBLE all hen fish and coloured cock fish be returned in the months of September and October.
  29.  WHEREVER POSSIBLE barbless or de-barbed hooks to be used throughout the season for Salmon/Sea Trout fishing.
  30. Any member wishing to add to, or delete, any part of the above rules or have new rules added must do so in writing to the Secretary. The Board reserves the right to make alterations or amendments on the proposal for decision to the AGM.