Day Ticket Advice

Day Ticket Advice

Day tickets are available to purchase for Bishop Auckland District Angling Club waters. The River Wear is particularly popular because of its reputation as one of the best Sea Trout rivers in the UK. We receive enquiries from anglers who are on holiday in the area and from those who like to try new places to fish. As first time visitors are unfamiliar with local conditions they usually seek advice. Here is a typical email enquiry sent in to our membership secretary followed by the reply which might be useful to others coming to fish with us.


I was wondering if you might be able to help? I am looking to go fishing on the Wear next time I m home and was going to purchase a day ticket from Fishpal. I just returned to fishing last year and moved to the area a couple of years ago. However I have never fished the Wear before and was wondering if you could offer some advice on where would be best for me to fish, I currently fish with a 14ft double hand rod.
I have looked at the maps on your website but obviously it’s a lot of river so any advice would be much appreciated.

Response from Membership Secretary:

As you may be aware the river Wear is what you would class as a spate river especially when fishing for Salmon. The best time to be fishing the Salmon fly is when the river is dropping and clearing after a decent spate that has encouraged the Salmon to run. After the river drops back to Summer level the Salmon drop back into the deep pools and are difficult to tempt on anything but prawn and shrimp. The Wear is not the Tyne or Tweed for example and does not have the deep fast flowing, fly fishable  pools to hold the fish.The Wear is more famous as a Sea Trout river, the Sea Trout has a spate subside run up with or without the Salmon and are just as likely to take the Salmon Fly. Once the river is back to Summer level the night time Sea Trout  fly fishing comes into its own.
Your 14 foot rod will suffice for fishing as the river runs off, the Sea Trout fly fishing is more suited to a 10 foot size 7 or 8 rod or as they are getting more popular a 11 foot switch rod. When night fishing for Sea Trout everything should be kept simple including casting where the line can be lifted off the water and recast with the bare minimum of false casts. There is no need for fast action rods and rocket taper lines, we still have a few members that are still using double taper lines.

Visitors are always welcome on our waters and we hope you might even consider joining the club. Help and advice are available on request.

Tight lines!


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