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Changing River Beds

Barnard Castle from across the River Tees (Photo credit: Wikipedia) At the start of every new season it pays to be cautious before wading into familiar spots on the river. Experienced anglers will know how much the river bed can change over winter. Heavy rain brings floods and the weight of water coming down can move boulders, erode the river bank and create channels that weren’t there before. There are certainly changes up on the Tees in some of the locations [...]


Culture Clash

For the pot or catch and release With the arrival of large numbers of Eastern Europeans we find a culture clash exists in the sport of angling. British anglers are used to catch and release and abide by the rules whereas many Eastern European anglers have been brought up to fish for the pot. The article below from the Angling Trust addresses this problem and suggests possible solutions. Have a look and post our comments at the bottom of the page. [iframe [...]