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Glorious Grayling

English: Starling and Purple soft-hackle fly. Body of purple silk and hackled with starling feather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Friday 3rd February 2017, and with bright sunshine I set off for the Holywell beat to have a pop at some grayling. The weather was beautiful, and I have to say that I might even have been overdressed, feeling a bit warm when the sun was warming me up from the opposite bank. It was good to see a Ferryhill angler out [...]


90 Grayling In A Day!

  [avatar user=”Rob K” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” /] Can you catch 90 Grayling in a day on River Wear? Of course you can. B.A.D.A.C. Grayling Season Permit Holder and England International Simon Robinson did just that on a late visit to the Page Bank to Croxdale beat. I phoned Simon the day after his visit to inquire how he “got on”, as I had already had reports from club members about the large number of grayling being caught just using North Country Spiders. Simon caught [...]


Grayling Bonanza!

English: Thymallus arcticus (Arctic grayling). This fish is titled “Montana Grayling” (Thymallus ontariensis montanus.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We have had an unconfirmed report that large numbers of Grayling have been caught on the River Wear. One of our club members was given this information from a reliable source who told him that ninety fish had been caught by one angler at Page Bank. Thinking he may have misheard he confirmed the number as ninety seemed impossible. By our calculations if [...]