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Cascade “Alistair”

NAME:                     CASCADE ALISTAIR HOOK:                      SALAR GOLD – 7,9,11,13,15, THREAD:                  RED, TAG:                         N/A TAIL:                         N/A BODY:                      GOLD HOLOGRAPHIC, RIB:                           GOLD OVAL, HACKLE:                   GOLDEN OLIVE CHINESE COCK, WING:                       MIX OF RED, YELLOW, ORANGE BUCKTAIL, USE DYED SQUIRREL TAIL ON  THE SMALLER HOOKS, FLASH:                       ORANGE MICRO FLASH, YELLOW CRINKLE MIRROR FLASH. 2 STRANDS OF EACH. This fly is one of the latest popular designs from Helmsdale ghillie Ronnie Sutherland and has already accounted for Salmon on the Wear. I originally only had an example of a fly purchased in a tackle shop in Perthshire [...]